More fame

Been very busy with the puppy since early January. Lulu is now 4 months old and gorgeous. I was invited to sit on a panel with 2 union people (Janet Henney & Caroline Fife) and Baroness Angela Smith, Leader of Labour in the House of Lords. I was the business side. It garnered a good bit of local publicity if a disappointingly small audience. If anyone wants to hear me advise them on how to ask for a pay rise, the whole 1 hour workshop is available here: Enjoy!

Ah, the glare of the spotlight

Press mentions have been coming in thick and fast this month – if five mentions in the local papers counts as thick, and, er, fast.  Here are copies of them all so you too can bask in my reflected glory.  You might wonder why the worst photo of me is the one where I’ve just had my hair DONE – aargh!  Clue: it’s the one where I’m sat in the hairdressers.