Julia Macfarlane


I’ve been writing fiction and poetry since forever, sometimes just in my head, sometimes actually writing it down.  I’ve had bits published, been shortlisted in a few competitions – once earned £50 for a poem! Does it count if it was for completing a limerick in a Smarties competition?

In the past year or so I have produced 3 books: the Write Club’s first anthology: A Blast On The Waverley’s Whistle; Chichester Ghost Tour, a self-guided pub crawl; and my first collection of my own short stories: NEWS OF LEON & OTHER TALES – all available on Amazon as ebook and paperback.  Please visit My Books And Other Publications for more information.

I run Bognor Regis Write Club –  which meets once a month, to share our latest work.

I am also Programme Co-ordinator for Bognor Regis & District Ramblers   – with a keen interest in nature – everything, flowers, trees, fungi, small furry animals and creepy crawlies.  Like to name them, like to know about them.


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