Julia Macfarlane


  • ingénue magazine issue for Autumn 2019 had a short story collection review special.  Of the 4 short story collections reviewed I had short stories in 3 of them, including my own collection: News of Leon.  The reviewer wrote:

The mark of a good author is their capacity to set scene and mood with economy…the timing immaculate and the choice of words perfect.  Julia Macfarlane  has that down to a tee.

Read the full review here.

ingénue also wrote  lovely reviews for the other 2 books:  Meet The Winners and A Feast of Christmas Stories.

  • Check out this 2 minute video of me on YouTube,  promoting my public speaking possibilities – and ignore the cut where I fluffed my lines – doh!
  • Future Speaking engagements:

Having successfully survived my “Many Endings of Edwin Drood” lecture for the Dickens Fellowship, Portsmouth in October, they have now kindly invited me to give the  birthday address at the annual lunch on 4th February 2020 to celebrate Charles Dickens’ birthday.  I shall be focussing on What The Dickens Would Dickens Be Doing Now? which I will then expand to 45 minutes for a presentation to the  Chichester & Bognor Regis branch of Parkinson’s UK in May 2020. And who knows what else 2020 has in store?

Personally, I’ve been writing fiction and poetry since forever, sometimes just in my head, sometimes actually writing it down.  I’ve had bits published, been shortlisted in a few competitions – once earned £50 for a poem! Does it count if it was for completing a limerick in a Smarties competition?

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