Julia Macfarlane


I’ve been writing fiction and poetry since forever, sometimes just in my head, sometimes actually writing it down.  I’ve had bits published, been shortlisted in a few competitions – once earned £50 for a poem! Does it count if it was for completing a limerick in a Smarties competition?

In the past few years I have produced 3 books: the Write Club’s first anthology: A Blast On The Waverley’s Whistle; Chichester Ghost Tour, a self-guided pub crawl; and my first collection of my own short stories: NEWS OF LEON & OTHER TALES – all available on Amazon as ebook and paperback.  Please visit My Books And Other Publications for more information.

I run Bognor Regis Write Club –  which meets once a month, to share our latest work.  EXCITING NEWS!!! Our write club is holding its first ever short story competition – full details at www.bognorwriteclub.com.  Cash prizes!  Deadline 31/3/19.

I am also Programme Co-ordinator for Bognor Regis & District Ramblers   – with a keen interest in nature – everything, flowers, trees, fungi, small furry animals and creepy crawlies.  Like to name them, like to know about them.

Please note the adverts shown below are absolutely nothing to do with me.  They are put there by WordPress, who host my website.


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