Julia Macfarlane


  • Worthing WOW awarded me 2nd prize (and £75!) for my Covid-themed story: The Big Shop.  Worthing Herald Online reproduced the three winning stories . Click here to read them.
  • ingénue magazine issue for Autumn 2019 (pages 70-71) had a short story collection review special.  Of the 4 short story collections reviewed I had short stories in 3 of them, including my own collection: News of Leon.  The reviewer wrote:

The mark of a good author is their capacity to set scene and mood with economy…the timing immaculate and the choice of words perfect.  Julia Macfarlane  has that down to a tee.

Read the full review here.  

ingénue also wrote  lovely reviews for the other 2 books:  Meet The Winners and A Feast of Christmas Stories.  Both are available on Amazon.

  • Check out this 2 minute video of me on YouTube,  promoting my public speaking possibilities – and ignore the cut where I fluffed my lines – doh!
  • I run Bognor Regis Write Club –  which meets once a month, to share our latest work.

Personally, I’ve been writing fiction and poetry since forever, sometimes just in my head, sometimes actually writing it down.  I’ve had bits published, been shortlisted in a few competitions – once earned £50 for a poem! Does it count if it was for completing a limerick in a Smarties competition?