Short Story Expert at Festival of Chichester Event

Phew!  It’s all over again for another year.  It is nerve-wracking sitting in front of a room full of people, advising them on how to write a good short story, where to send it, how to get it noticed in writing competitions, etc.  And knowing that everyone there has paid good money to listen to me and my fellow writer, Patricia Feinberg Stoner.  But if the feedback comments are anything to go by – perhaps we were only sent the nice ones? – we did well, and people appreciated what we had to say.

Tonight, I heard some lovely news from one of the writers from the Bognor Regis Write Club.  She gave me a big hug and a thank you as one of her stories has been accepted by Yours! Magazine  and will appear in the 25th July edition.  Well done, Marion!

I have spent the afternoon with fellow writers:  Patricia (as above), Angela Petch and Rosemary Noble, as we judged short stories to go into a Christmas book: A Sussex Feast At Christmas, due to be published in October.  We have chosen some excellent stories but had to be quite selective.  Some of the rejected stories deserve a second home – I hope their authors try again somewhere else and have more success than they did with us.

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