Ah, the glare of the spotlight

Press mentions have been coming in thick and fast this month – if five mentions in the local papers counts as thick, and, er, fast.  Here are copies of them all so you too can bask in my reflected glory.  You might wonder why the worst photo of me is the one where I’ve just had my hair DONE – aargh!  Clue: it’s the one where I’m sat in the hairdressers.


Video of me reading extract from book in progress

Here it is – enjoy!  I am up to 66,000 words in this novel and hope to finish the first draft by December.  Big thanks to Dan Jones for his time filming it, and also to CHINDI for arranging it, and Hennings Wine in Chichester for letting us use their events room.


Please let me know what you think.

Seeing my work in print

A nice surprise on Saturday when the postman brought me a copy of Pilcrow and Dagger’s  January 2016 issue and there I am on Page 22 with my Northern Christmas Ghost Story.  I took it to show my daughter on the next day who read it and cried at the ending.  Always a good result!  The story I read out at Bognor Regis Write Club last Monday  (A perfect Night For It) also had one member in tears.  Still looking for a place to send this one to, it might end up in the anthology Bognor Writers are planning for 2016.

My two shortlisted stories in the Writearound Competition never made it into the winners enclosure so won’t be published in book form by them.  One, A Winter’s Tail, has appeared on the Sussex Observer website and also when I googled it, in the Derry Journal’s.  Unexpected, but I’m not complaining.

Spurred on by this, I have actually written half of a new story.  This one I am planning to submit to the Felix Dennis competition with a deadline in February, whose theme is For All Time.

Julia Macfarlane welcomes you in

Julia Macfarlane

I have been writing for years, with limited success.  Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to write every day; maybe I’ve just got too many hobbies; maybe I’m just too lazy.

I have had a few small successes and I will reprint them on this website once they are “free” again for me to publish.  To start off with, I’ll print some old stuff that was published in the 1990s, the last time I sent stuff off regularly, and a few bits I have had printed since I moved to Bognor.

My 2016 plan is to finish the first draft of my novel, and send off my short stories to magazines and competitions.  2016 has started well. Two stories have been shortlisted in the Writearound Sussex Competition so waiting to hear what this means for those pieces.

A Northern Christmas Ghost Story was accepted by Pilcrow & Dagger and will appear in their literary magazine on 11 January 2016, preview promo here: